Vicki Telford Architects, VTA Vicki Telford Architects, VTA

We pride ourselves in being able to work in a wide variety of styles and character. We think the best results are achieved when clients are involved throughout the process, so that a completed project is a reflection of the user's needs and aspirations rather than a preconceived style. We take great pride in getting to know our clients and their wants, needs, vision and dreams.

We have a team approach to projects and involve all the players in identifying the major issues at hand. A thorough understanding of the owner's needs and goals is the first step. An open communication and feedback process is developed which insures that the owner's priorities are being addressed. Vicki Telford is the principal architect who plays a major role in assuring that the client's goals are met. She works closely with the clients bringing to projects over a decade of management expertise.

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